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Hildryn Augment Ideas


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1: [Aegis Storm Augment] [Aegis Swarm] 

^Enemies affected by Aegis Storm are pulled closer to hildryn over time. , Enemies killed while in Aegis Storm, may become Spectres for 12 seconds for Hildryn

2: [Pillage Augment] [Reaping Pillage] 

^Pillaged enemies have 50% reduced armor for a limited time, or 50% of shields pillage bolster allies shields as well as Hildryns.

^Maybe pillaged enemies would be feared and flee from Allies. 

3: [Haven Augment][Hallowed Haven]

^Instead of Shield buff and shield recharge granted to allies, it is a health bonus and health regeneration. 

4: [Balefire Augment][Blasting Balefire] ----[noticed a bug where my balefire kept doing 0 damage]

^The blast radius of Balefire is increased to 8m and has a 100% chance to ignite enemies for a burn proc. 

^or Balefire is no longer a blast, but a huge pulse beam with 2.0 punchthrough [Railfire Augment]  <basically an opticor pistol

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