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Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.3.3 +


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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed a very common crash in that Hotfix we just deployed related to friends lists. So I guess none of you experienced it.

Good stab (nightwave changes).

Yes, I don't have friends.
As i'm the most horrible person you can think of.

And I be damned.
Even convinced of it (legit, seriously).

Justice, where justice is due.


On a sidenote, will we see dual kamas be unvaulted somewhere in the future?
Those blades have been at ludicrously high prices for quite some time now.

Anyway, thanks for the fixes.
Love you all. :heart:

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2 hours ago, UltraXavier said:

Do you guys still gonna give us Nekros Prime that I have not got sense Twitch Drop even I have all connected and watch for hours the stream?

They are not going to add those Twitch Drops to yer account, doesn't really matter that you were connected

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RIP Knell users.

You used to get infinite ammo immediately upon landing a headshot, but now you have to sit through the full reload animation first. The buff is almost gone by the time you can actually start shooting it. You must have a reload speed mod, or land multiple headshots with 1 shot in order for the buff to still be on by the time you finish reloading.



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Been having issues with extractors ever since update 25.x.x just haven't said anything. Extractor has to be continuously clicked on over and over to get it to stick/work. I noticed this after not having them turn in resources over the course of a few days. If there is another place that would be better to report this please let me know.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Rolled back a fix for Boss cinematics from the previous Hotfix as it caused new issues!

Warframe is not Borderlands whereby there is no enemies when a player approach the hitbox of a boss area. Warframe has enemies all over and suddenly the Boss cinematics played, some players will get shot down by enemies during those... 'down time' whether to see the cinematics or press it away.. it's almost same as falling into a pit and get punished when respawning back.

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4 hours ago, Dark_Lugia said:

Thank you for the unvault.


I know, it´s just an unvault, but there there are still some little bugs ^^

You fixed the ephemera and the K-Drives have a colour problem, too.
The K- Drives don´t have the custom energy colour on their jet part if you are the host (as client it´s your selected emissive energy colour).


We can´t scan the POE animals:


And we have no info about this stuff:

  Reveal hidden contents

Ghoul Bountys still force an inbox message:

You noticed the Larunda relay changes, so what´s about the index map change?(at least i found nothing looking back till the poe remaster patches)

I gotta second this - these issues have been long-standing for awhile.  It always felt like "Probably not priority, I'm sure they'll get to it eventually" and not worth bugging DE over once I saw that threads had started on these topics.  But it's been much too long now for the K-drives and the Codex to both be universally bugged and I'm starting to grow concerned this might just be forgotten if it's not advertised more.

As for the requests made under the hidden contents tag, I have to agree those would be nice.  I know that I for one can't hit Delete fast enough when I see another obnoxious message about the incessant Ghoul threat and then their subsequent "defeat" (for... what, two week?).  This is way too minor of a gameplay feature to necessitate inbox spam.  That said, the real issue are K-drives and Codex.

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106 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.

Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:





  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped



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This is literally an identical unvaulting of the same bundle as last year, after Tennocon.

Even the store page has the same non-regional pricing listed in contrast to other unvaultings that were offered with proper regional pricing after this bundle last year.

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vor 6 Stunden schrieb Lance_Lionroar:

Thanks for the hotfix.

Still no fix for being unable to aim glide with a melee. Still no fix for having to manually switch to mining gear after every melee swing.



Can we please fix the level boundaries in archwing missions? MY IMMERSION.

Did you fly to the boundary or were you suddenly "teleported" at high speed?

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