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Nekros Prime is Long Gone


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Recently, a script was deployed, it gave Lotus ephemera receivers the drop, but what of the other players who didn't receive anything?  According to support, since the drop ended, they will not be able to give the drop out and will only try to help you solidify the connection.  Nekros is long gone, we as players don't need it, but it is a shame that we didn't receive it.  


What DE said:

[DE]Jyn (WARFRAME Support)

Jul 15, 21:12 EDT

Hey there UAJ_uTube,

Thank you for contacting us and please note that we really do appreciate your patience. With time-sensitive, complex promotions like this; we do understand that it doesn't take much for something to cause a user to miss out on the rewards and we are constantly working at improving this system with Twitch/Mixer/Steam in order to simplify the process and to solidify the connection to prevent users from missing out.

We can officially confirm that all drops have been sent out to all eligible accounts. If you find yourself missing the Nekros Prime and/or the Lotus Ephemera drop, we can assist you in ensuring your connection is solid for future promotions; but unfortunately we are not able to add this item to your account. It is possible a disconnect may have occurred due to overloaded twitch/mixer/steam servers, which could have lead users to not receive any of the drops. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do regarding this once it's happened.

We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope you continue to enjoy Warframe!

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8 minutes ago, UAJ_uTube said:

but what of the other players who didn't receive anything? 

On 2019-07-12 at 11:31 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

We will be running a script on Monday, July 15th once everyone is back from the weekend that will send an inbox message to accounts across all Platforms that fit the following criteria: 

  • Successfully received the Lotus Ephemera via inbox. 
  • Did not receive Nekros Prime (and free Warframe slot). 

These accounts will be given Nekros Prime. This method has been chosen because it accounts for the biggest error pattern we’ve seen from players in the forums: they know their link worked due to receiving Lotus Ephemera, but they did not receive Nekros Prime despite watching! 

you won't receive anything. It was now stated so often...

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If you ask me, That's the most bullS#&$ excuse to indirectly tell players to #*!% off who didn't get the items promised for participation. DE seriously needs to learn how to implement scripts and or protocols for when this kind of crap happens. "A script" that still didn't work, and now we get to hear "sorry, we don't care that you didn't get your product we claimed you would receive." put in a polite, business professional way to make people feel better, even if it makes them even more annoyed by not receiving their items they were said to be given for participation. I already have made plans to set aside money to attend tennocon next year to ensure I can in person politely tell whomever possible as visitor off and ask them in person, why I have not received my Lotus Ephemera after watching they're "super special live stream of an over glorified dev stream with a weak cosplay segment." Cause this is denser than anything I've seen outside of EA because EA is just retarded in how they handle their customer service. Fix your S#&$ DE, please, been at this game for a good 5 years, these kind of disappointments should not be happening for events that people actually care to see and hear about. Especially when you come out with that kind of a response to why players were practically given false promises due to "complications" you as a company should have foreseen and prepared implementations to correct if they did happen.


At this rate, if DE as a company keeps up with these kind of excuses to why they didn't bother implimenting fixes to their own messes, and the over 2000 ping I seem to get often enough to mention when I'm in america with fiber internet connection. Welcome to being the up and coming EA 2.0 folks. Since this kind of train wreck customer support and lack of resolving issues that a 4th grader could predict is doing no one a favor and only going to give DE as a company a bad rep in time. 


Again DE, fix this so you as a company don't become utter garbage like EA.

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Cool your jets, Captain Hindsight, it's just a cosmetic.

Also, shut the #*!% up. Comparing an indie company, that has done everything they could to ship out a free cosmetic and frame, to a conglomerate, that does as little as possible to cater to their players and tries to milk them for as much possible, like EA is straight idiocy.

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