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Issues Relating to Titania's Lantern Power


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I've tested this on multiple defense rounds and maps and I have found when you use Lantern on a mob, that unless the timer runs down on it naturally, the mob in question gets 'stuck' so to speak. Sometimes despawning its model and refuses to die until its 'timer' runs out, or semi-despawns until the timer runs out, and for both, once the timer has run down only then do they die like they would normally do when Lantern is deactivated or can be shot. This only seems to occur when you deactivate the power by holding the ability key early before the timer runs out. It stalls out a defense mission wave until the natural timer ends and extends the wave further than it should to the point it seems as if the game and/or level has bugged out. May not be an issue for other game modes, but it should be mentioned so it can be addressed. 

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