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Why Can Only The Host Use A Key ?


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I can't host a game, for whatever reason everyone lags when I do. ( yes I've tried ports, router setting ect ect ect... )This shouldn't mean that all my keys are just wasted inventory. It should be set up like nightmare so if I use my key even when not the host people just have to wait for it to time down. It would only let 1 person at a time use a key but it shouldn't be limited to just people with good connections.


You also have the issue of ppl not wanting to bring you to farm if you can't host because every nav point you pick up is pretty much wasted.


Is there a good reason for this system I just don't know about ?

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Yeah they need to get on with letting people host games with other peoples keys. I have a clanmate that I can't connect to (but he can connect to me) so we can only use my keys. If they let me host his keys, it wouldn't be a huge problem.

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