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Didn't receive Eidolon shards or arcanes after two hunts even though I picked them up.


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I did two different hunts today. First one did Teralyst and Gantulyst I picked up everything like everyone else in the party. When I got back to my ship to convert them into focus I was told that I didn't have any.

 I thought okay just a bug sucks I wasted that time but ill try again when night comes again. So two hours or so later I attempt again. This time it didn't go super great and but we still managed to do Teralyst and Gantulyst. I again return to my ship to convert my shards into focus I get the message that I have none...

On top of that I didn't get the arcane drops either. So now I am worried that if I do anything I might not even get what I am suppose to get. I have never had this bug before. 

I was using Trinity on the hunts if that helps.

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