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Unable to Start Warframe on GPD Win 2

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In November of 2018 I bought a GPD Win 2 almost exclusively for the purpose of playing Warframe.

I was able to get it to run using DirectX 9 with low graphics settings, and it did quite well.

However, I was unable to get the game to start on the device using DirectX 10 or 11.  The game would start playing the log-in screen music and crash with the entire screen rapidly blinking, requiring a forced shut down.

Running it in DirectX 9 worked, until support for it ended earlier this year.

I did a lot of troubleshooting trying to get DirectX 10 or 11 to work, made sure the device was up to date with DirectX 12, checked all of my drivers, etc, etc.

No luck.

So, I set it aside for a several months as I had lots of IRL things happening, and I could play Warframe on other machines.

But, today I had some time to mess around with the device, as I was waiting at a doctor's appointment and had time to kill.

I got it updated, and still had a failure to start up.

I uninstalled and reinstalled (on Steam), updated again, and still, unable to launch, regardless of the launch settings I selected.

Interestingly, the crash is now slightly different than it was before.  Now, after I hit the start button on the Warframe launcher, the screen goes all white, the "Games for Windows" insignia flashes over this white screen, the screen then turns black for about 3 seconds, and then I am booted back to my desktop.  When I click back on Warframe from the Windows Taskbar, I get an all grey screen with a small blue-on-white Windows title bar reading "Warframe" in the top left of the screen; the login screen music will play in the background while this screen is present.  From here, all I can do is force-close the program by Alt+Tab-ing out and hitting the X in the Taskbar preview icon.

Could someone please offer some assistance in getting Warframe to work on my GPD Win 2?  This appears to be a software issue rather than hardware, but I'm open to troubleshoot as needed.  I am physically disabled, and bought the GPD Win 2 so that I could play my favorite game when I couldn't get out of bed, so it would be very nice to have the game functional for those times.

Thank you,


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As a side note, I'm not sure if this was the proper place to post for assistance, so to any mods, please feel free to move this thread to the appropriate section.

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