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Drums - Is There Some Way To Hear What They Sound Like . . .


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I plan to put ours in the right order as you'd have them on a piano, in order of pitch




For reference, high C is the far right one, none of the drums are the black key sounds


weirdly though they don't have a straight progression in size lined up like that, I lined it up as an experiment to check placement, then destroyed all but the first to not split donations 8 ways.


Looks like this:



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Yeah I realized afterwards when the first finished... gah, why put the back of them in the competition picture and in the thumbnails? Now I got a drum you can't use without standing flat against the wall and half the materials go poof if I destroy it (please dear DE give us it all back) I've opened a support ticket about it and built some elsewhere the correct way around.

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