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Seriously DE WTF.. (sortie)


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I am literally PEEVED #*!%ING PISSED and lost for words.. ive experience some stupid glitches in my days and tbh its ok S#&$ happens, but this unacceptable. Imagine finishing Sortie 1, glitches out at the last round (ironic i think not...) boots you out but offeres to enter you back in where you left off previously, we all have seen his message before. Now usually this message is a save and grace as you can hopfully salvage your potential wasted time with entering the same match again.... i was not so lucky. What i got was, put into sortie 2 (idk if i got drops for that) but me and the team finished sortie 2, then entered sortie 3 and finish this one as well. Defense, extermination, mobile defense. I finish all 3 and notice on the last round i received no reward that was in the sortie prize table.... weird right? because i DID ALL 3 #*!%ING SORTIES..... what did i see? a blank sheet of DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN... Forget that i finish work at 10pm and i have limited amount of time to enjoy the game But sure lets do the EXACT 3 MISSIONS ALL OVER AGAIN FOR PROBABLY A #*!%ING SCULPTURE... like comon why must we put up with this crap... NW, THE ARCH WING THING ON ERIS AND ALL OTHER STUFF I WANTED TO DO.. forget those things because i got a sortie to do TWICE for a crap drop rate prize... ty DE. All i ask is fix the current stuff you have in game and stop working on brining new broken stuff into it..... Trust me i can deal with the usual BS glitches thrown at thus. THIS I CAN'T, THIS SHOWS A LACK OF VALUE IN PEOPLES TIME. PLZZZZ tell me somone else has this issue so i don't think the game just hates me or something. AND YES IM RANTING YES IM FLIPPING MAD YOU DO A SORTIE TWICE FOR A ANASA SCULPTURE.

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