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Spriggan, the Natural Guardian (frame concept)


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Name: Spriggan (pronounced ‘Sprid-jan’)

Theme: Manipulation of Nature and its elements. (Plants, basically)

Gender: Female

Role: CC/Tank

Stats at rank 30: 

Health- 375

Shields- 200

Armour- 100

Energy- 188

Sprint Speed- 1.0


Passive- Gain 2 additional mod slots that can only occupy resistance mods at 0 cost. (e.g. Antitoxin). Applying a duplicate mod to each slot (i.e. 2 of the same resistance mod) grants total immunity to said status effect, whereas applying 2 different mods will grant resistance to the secondary status effect (e.g. Antitoxin + Insulation = 60% Viral resistance. Or Antitoxin + Antitoxin = 100% Toxin resistance). If Spriggan is inflicted with the status effect protected against by these mod slots, she recovers 15 energy per second for the duration of the effect. (Passive does not protect against IPS damage).

Ability 1- Root Whisper: Spriggan lets out a faint whisper, heard only by nature, tree roots emerge from the ground in front of her, trapping any enemy within their grasp and preventing them from moving or firing their weapons.

Cone of effect- 45°

Range- 15m

Trap duration- 10s

Ability 2- Swarm: Spriggan releases a swarm of vile torchbugs in the direction she is facing, this swarm blinds enemies and damages them over time. Swarming enemies trapped by Root Whisper siphons health from affected enemies, restoring it to Spriggan.

Dmg- 200 corrosive dmg per tick, ticks every 2s

Health return- TBD

Swarm Duration- 10s

Ability 3- Uproot: Spriggan summons ethereal branches from the ground that cover her body, reducing incoming damage by 50% (maxes at 80% with mods). Enemies that venture too close to Spriggan with this ability active are afflicted with the Root Whisper effect.

Duration- 22s

Range- 5m

Ability 4- Breath of Autumn: Spriggan releases a deafening screech, calling nature and its elements to the aid of Spriggan and her allies. Spriggan’s weapons gain +25% additive status chance. Enemies afflicted with the status effect that Spriggan is protected against (passive) are automatically afflicted with the Root Whisper effect. Spriggan’s allies become immune to status procs when standing completely still.

Duration- 12s

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