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Random Hidden/W.I.P./Unfinished Excalibur Skin Bug


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Equipped Excalibur in the Simulacrum and left his appearance as default (colours and skin), exited the arsenal and was met with this strange unfinished Excalibur Skin:



The skin actually looks pretty cool so far, but I've never seen it anywhere before and it doesn't look like any of the skins I've bought. 

Might be another Alablaster type thing that was accidentally released. 


EDIT: To recreate the bug:

1. Go to Simulacrum. 

2. Go to the Arsenal and select a random Warframe.

3. Exit Arsenal.

4. Re-enter Arsenal. 

5. Select Excalibur.

6. Exit Arsenal.


NOTE: The skin is actually affected by your colours and is pasted on top of any other skin you used.



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