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Excessive unexplained shininess


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As of one of the most recent updates, some tiles appear excessively shiny. What I mean by this is every environmental object in the room is covered in a glossy sheen with extreme specular highlights, regardless of the underlying texture or material. This also affects my Warframe, causing it to appear wet, or else covered in baby oil. Warframe parts which in the Orbiter appear matte and flat, in these tiles instead appear shiny and slimy. This effect exists only within individual tiles. Terrain outside the tile is not sjiny and my Warframe appears with flat, normal-looking textures. Once I step through the threshold of the tile, however, everything becomes shiny as I've described.

Here's an example:


So far, I've run into this in the Lua Music Room and a few rooms on the Kuva Fortress tileset - the one pictured in the screenshot above, the T-intersection starting room and Spy Vault C. I know the Kuva fortress well, and I know it's not supposed to be this reflective.

And this is me standing on the threshold of a shiny room, on the non-shiny side. You'll note how Banshee's textures appear flat and matte in this image, even though the rest of the room in front glistens. Moving as much as a meter forward would make Banshee just as shiny.


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I suspect it's more due to outdated materials and lighting, for example the grineer lockers appear shinier than the rest of kuva fortress but just as shiny as the old tile sets, also the Onkko room is still brighter than daytime Cetus, even tho it's only lit by a few lamps, and etc etc etc. I wonder if they'll have spare time to come back and fix all of these or at least some this year with the new engine update.

also, damn dude! u gotta relax on those blue and white theme hahah

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Yeah, I too suspect this is some kind of clash between old and new systems. I felt it was worth bringing up, though, because this only started happening fairly recently. I know there was a patch addressing a "particularly shiny floor" or some such, and this seems like more instances of the same issue. And in my experience, it's not just the lockers. EVERYTHING in those rooms appears covered in a glossy sheen - floor, ceiling, walls, dirt and even my Warframe. It's almost like some kind of visual effect applying "shininess" to all objects, rather than an issue with the objects themselves, and it stops sharply right at the seam between tiles.

As to colours, I can't help it. Blue and white Warframe with red and white guns is my colour scheme 🙂

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