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Corposant Prime Ephemera Visual Bugs

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The new Corposant Prime Ephemera seems to have a few issues, especially when used in conjunction with Operators.

In-mission bugs (tested in Solo mode):

  • The "aura" effect constantly rendered in the center of the Warframe/Operator sometimes disappears after moving through the level tileset. I can replicate it by playing through a mission, and usually by the end the "aura" will be gone but the swirling particles and plasma light beams will still render normally.
  • Upon transference back into a Warframe, the majority of the ephemera's effects will remain at the operator's last known position. 
  • If two entities/players have the Corposant Prime ephemera equipped, their particle effects will track towards the area in-between the two users if they stand within a few meters of each other (unsure if this is actually a bug but worth mentioning imo)

Hub area bugs (tested in Cetus and Fortuna server 69):

  • When transferring into Operator mode within a hub area, the ephemera's particles will fail to track towards the owner and instead listlessly move upwards.
  • The ephemera's "aura" effect fails to render in the center of the Operator. Always occurs in conjunction with the above bug. 
  • Upon unequipping and re-equipping the ephemera on the Operator while within the hub, the ephemera then proceeds to work normally with no issues.

Here is an Imgur album containing images that I hope illustrate some of the issues I have encountered.

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