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Revenant is Excellent.


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Because in the past I've made several post complaining about Revenant's jank I feel the need to make this one in an attempt to rectify the my repeated belly ache'n. The long in short of it is, Revenant really is excellent. Though I liked him before even when I was complaining about his janky-ness. It was only until recently I was able to full come to understand how to mod, use, and play him properly. With that in mind I just wanna drop a few tips to help others understand him or at least avoid the same pit falls I fell into. Though I must warn y'all some of this stuff might seem rather obvious lol.

1. Modding Revenant for high level play or even casual play is not that simple. in this regard Revenant is kinda janky, but rest assured his jank is intentional and very much a good thing. DO NOT be afraid to use Blind Rage and Transient Fortitude. In spite of the base cost of Revenant's abilities, The design behind his abilities makes them surprisingly cost efficient even when using Blind Rage. Fleeting Expertise and Streamline are enough to stagger the inefficiency of a maxed Blind Rage.

Further More, Transient Fortitude is great when combo'd with Blind Rage and yes, it further detracts from the duration of his Enthrall, and Reave while also helping his 4 to consume more energy. But you don't need to worry about this. Adding Constitution along with (Primed) Continuity gives you just the right amount of duration to for Enthrall and Reave, while helping to stagger the energy consumption of your 4 just fine.

2. Being able to get to 15 MS charges is important. Your Power Strength mods are your survivability mods. Don't us: Redirection, Adaptation, Vitality, Quick Thinking, Steel Fiber, etc,
Do use Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude, If you can only use one Power Strength mod I highly advise you pick up another warframe. Their are other ways to build this warframe for survivability but they're far more gimmicky and not nearly as effective unless you're playing at a casually level. An example of a acceptable casual/for fun builds is, Redirection + Adaptability + Arcane Aegis. bare in mind I just mention a arbitration mod and arcane. So make of that what you will. 

3. Do not underestimate the potential of 100% drain on Reave. You might have heard of this already in passing and disregarded it as just a gimmick. IT'S NOT! This will care you endlessly long after your allies have left you alone in any endless mission. The difference between being able to kill all of your thralls in one pass is night and day and in most cases should be your go to for damage over your 4 in almost every scenario.

4. Mesmer Skin charges let's you create Thralls for free. always create thralls as frequently as possible. Even if you're probably going to kill them immediately after. This is for a number of reason.
   A. Thralls taunt, so they pull aggro off of you keeping you from losing Mesmer Skin and creating a opening for you to recast Mesmer Skin if needed. 
   B. Enthralling enemies can often neutralize enemies much faster than just killing them.
   C. Thralls can also reliably neutralize enemies rather effectively by enthralling them through contact.
   D. Killing Thralls creates Thrall pits that can do a fair bit of damage and enthrall more enemies. This can creates a cascading cycle of rapid neutralization of enemies. 

5. Don't forget Enthrall is a 1 handed ability and can be used while shooting and reloading.

6. Remember at the end of the day you create thralls to kill them. Don't let them time out, If the area is clear of un-enthralled enemies, than kill them

7. Because it's worth repeating. don't be afraid of losing your thralls. additionally, if you can OHKO your thralls with Reave you should always use Reave to kill them when you have 5-7 reaming before they time out.

8. Further more just because you can regain Mesmer Skin through Reave does not mean it should be your primary way of regaining MS. You should think of it only as a bonus for when you're clearing a surplus of thralls with Reave. 

9. As a general rule you should never let MS drop on it's own. I would suggest refreshing MS whenever you notice you have 3 or less charges remaining.

10. When Soloing I suggest only you only focus on killing your thralls when KPS starts to go down. This way your thralls can continue to enthrall other enemies while also shielding you from attack. Allowing you to keep your Mesmer Skin longer an preventing you from capping out on thralls to fast. Once enthrall starts to approach time out. Reave, To kill your thralls and regain MS bare in mind you should still be enthralling any enemy that still manages to hit you and recasting MS as needed while your thralls are around.

11. Only use Danse Macabre in a room full of enemies, usually only in a pinch. Because of the mechanics of Danse Macabre it's damage usually scales relatively well no matter how you build Rev but you should really only use it when you suddenly need a room cleared and you know you can afford to take the hit to your energy pull. With a BR+TF Combo, you can usually clear any room relatively quick with ease but it can cost you a grip of energy so timing is everything. If you don't need it, don't use it. If you came to Revenant wanting a nuke-frame than i'd recommend other frames. 

Well, that's it for me. If anyone else has any other tips of their own they might want to throw in feel free to drop them here. 
Thanks for your time and have a good one. 


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23 minutes ago, NEUDRIVER101 said:

9. As a general rule you should never let MS drop on it's own. I would suggest refreshing MS whenever you notice you have 3 or less charges remaining.

how do you do that? intentionally get shot? 

also can you share the build? so far I notice 6 mods, I'm guessing the other two are primed flow, natural talent/speed drift and power drift/intensify/augur secrets. aura can be anything?

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1 hour ago, GinKenshin said:

how do you do that? intentionally get shot? 

also can you share the build? so far I notice 6 mods, I'm guessing the other two are primed flow, natural talent/speed drift and power drift/intensify/augur secrets. aura can be anything?

Every now and then I catch myself losing focus forget to reapply MS, Happens every now again in long survival session lol.

Any who, build Below.

To explain everything,
Max Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude for OHKO'ing Reave and 15 MS Charges. The fact DS slays is just a bonus here. Even so. . .
Fleeting Expertise, Streamline, because it's mandatory, It stops MS and Reave from Hemorrhaging too much energy. Not that you should be casting either too often anyway with 15 charges.
Primed Continuity, Constitution, To recovers some of the lost power duration. As it turns out Revenant already has efficient duration on all of his abilities at base so he really doesn't need to be modded for it unless that's just your jam. This build makes use of that by giving him just enough duration mods to help him recover from his duration deficit while using Transient Fortitude, Fleeting expertise combo.

Finally, everything else.
Energy Siphon, Coaction Drift, Not Mandatory, If you want to Run Zenurik you can replace them with w/e fun aura you want. But if you want to use any other focus school. ES is recommend as a minimum. With ES if you play skillfully you'll never have energy woes. It's really they're just to make sure you have energy for emergencies Or for when you wanna use DS. With ES+CD You pretty much get your energy spent on MS back long before you should ever need to recast it and Enthrall should always be free. However If you start use Reave too frequently you'll slowly start to create a deficit in your energy pool so be careful and remember timing is everything.

Tek Collateral, Is completely optional. You can throw in literally whatever you want here. With the idea of being able to accommodate any future augment or mods that might catch my interest so feel free to get creative here. Some people like Rolling Guard. I've used it my self. It'll work fine here. You can also swap that out for more duration or Range mods if you want. Natural talent also exist. But after awhile you kinda get used to the start up speed of his abilities so I didn't bother but again that's all up to you. Mod to taste. 
Prime Flow because, why not?  

and finally the Arcanes. Honesty, they don't matter here. I kinda forgot I even had Arcane Aegis on here. But Arcane Energize helps as well. you can never have too much energy after all.

I hope this helps. I originally thought to put this in the main post but I figure it was long enough already as it was. 

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I mod him like:

Umbral Intensify, Augur Secrets, Fleeting Expertise, Narrow Minded, Transient Fortitude, Stretch (optional), Primed Flow, Natural Talent, Power Drift

Ability Strength: 238%

Ability Range: 79%

Ability Duration: 111.5%

Ability Efficiency: 160%

That doesn't give Reave a 100% drain (only 95%), but you don't really need that. You can hit targets with a single Reave more than once. For the missing 12% ability strength, you get 60% efficiency which I think is worth it given how expensive Reave and non-free Enthrall are (and let's not forget Danse Macabre!). Strech keeps Reave's width relatively intact but is otherwise not needed if you won't use Reave (e.g. In Index you could slot Enemy Sense instead of Stretch).

Cool to see another good build! Ranking of Tanks thread has yet another build.

EDIT: Add comment about Danse Macabre.

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8 minutes ago, (PS4)FriendSharkey said:

I'll like him better when they give him a deluxe skin' well I hope I will..since it will depend on the deluxe's appearance, but currently he's basically a walking slim jim of dried turkey meat...and as superficial as it sounds It doesn't make me want to use him very much in that current state...

Or at least a Tennogen... Garuda has one already, but not Revenant?

*decides to go check the workshop for Revenant skins*

Turns out there's only one so far. Doesn't look terrible. Gives him a wide-brimmed "hat"

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