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On 2019-07-24 at 12:26 AM, (XB1)In54N3xeLeVeNn0 said:

and yes NW has several restrictions such as fortuna lvl 5 and onslaught quest

And while i can somewhat agree to Onslaught (except the elite one)... You do realize that Profit-Taker is mostly for high level players?

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I'm wondering if anyone else realizes that, not counting NW, there are a minimum of 30 different missions with rewards or reward pools every day? 



2 Weekly alerts

~3 Invasions

18 Syndicates (I'm in good standing with all factions)

3 Solaris task including SO and ESO

6 Void Fissures 


With that many, I can see why the alerts were changed.

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On 2019-07-18 at 5:13 AM, jojokaizer said:

seriously, two seasons of this nightwave is enough. I miss the days of logging on and seeing a cool alert that I need, or randomly carrying a friend or new player on some alerts they need. this grindwave is completely soul sucking. it's already making me not want to play cause of the forced activities. we already have riven challenges to bore you to death, do we need another mode to reward mediocre rewards locked behind a huge grind? been playing this game since the beginning, and saw this game improve every year. this is NOT the right direction, change please!

But Nightwave appeals to the casuals , literally free money for DE .

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