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Halo, The Angelic frame


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Halo is a female frame she has warrior armor gold and white colored. Her passive is that when she revives a teammate her wings cover herself and when she is revived she rises and creates a small blast knocking back any enemies in the range. Now to the abilities! Power 1: Angelic dive:Halo flys into the air and dives forward she leaves a trail of angelic energy(The wings could be modded with melee mods so the trail's status effect would depend on ur build). Power 2: Miracle: Halo releases energy that heals teamates(toggle ability) and a buffs their health. Power 3:Blessing: Halo sticks her meleee weapon to the ground and holds her ground. She covers herself in her wings they attract all enemy fire and absorbs 70% of the dmg when you let go ur ground you dish 2x as much dmg as the enemy did to you(great for annoying heavy gunners). Power 4: Rise of the Fallen: Halos becomes a invulnerable godess taking her divine sword and u soar in the air this move runs on ALOT of energy but when u get a kill u have a 70% percent chance of getting ur energy back.

She also has her own heavy sword:Everest it has a passive that allows her to throw her sword in the ground letting out a field of energy when allies are in the radious they gain healing when enemies get in the radious they take dmg.

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