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More reworks needed (Excal, Inaros, Hydroid)


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As im stating, more frames need to be reworked, i say Excal cuz he must have one due to melee 3.0 and his kit is not that great except radial blind, his 1 and 3 gotta be reworked in a new way.

Inaros is tanky but is only press 1 then finisher, and the 4th could be buffed, 2 and 3 need to be improved cuz they are not useful at all.

Hydroid on his particular case could be better due to his kit is just for farming, not even good for any other stuff so he gotta be more useful for most situations, (his 4th could be riding the kraken as well)and the 1st is just a poor cc which is not great cuz nowadays cc < dps.

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Excal's 1 is fine, his 3 however needs to be made better

I never understood why people think Inaros' 2 needs a change. It grants invulnerability while healing you. That's pretty good in my eyes. 3 is absolute garbage, and I don't think 4 needs a major buff. Maybe just make it so it gives the target some DR so that your team doesn't kill it before he gets to heal.

Out of all the abilities Hydroid has, you pick his 1, which has a pretty good augment (100% corrosive proc), ignoring that it can be charged, it's good CC. I'd say his 3 is much worse compared to anything else because it stop you in a single spot which breaks the flow of combat and is only useful in Interception, Defense and Mobile Defense missions. Regardless if CC < DPS, many frames prove that you don't need damage to be a good frame. And him being a loot frame is not even a bad thing, and is also augment based. Are you gonna complain that Nekros is also only good as a loot frame when he can also shred armor very well, among other things? Granted, his kit is as old as Ember's, Frost's and Loki's.

2 minutes ago, GinKenshin said:

priorities, dude...priorities. these frames are doing far better than others 

^ Pretty much this. Most frames should have 2-3 abilities that are obsolete before you can say they need a rework.

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2 hours ago, FeJoToRe said:

Inaros is tanky but is only press 1 then finisher, and the 4th could be buffed, 2 and 3 need to be improved cuz they are not useful at all.

I must be playing Inaros the wrong way since with good weapons, 2 is pretty much only one I use.... 😭

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IMO, the flawed part of Inaros is in his 2. More specifically, his sandshadow mechanic.
The siphoning-life-out-of-your-enemy-with-invulnerability is fine. But the Sand shadow mechanic does need a rework.

Another thing that comes up often is his 3. Too little CC & range(possibly bugged), too expensive.

Personally I wouldn't mind if his sandshadow and sandstorm interacted with his giant health pool.

Press 2 for a period of time without any target and you will summon a sandshadow of the last enemy you have siphoned.
Summoning a sandshodow will consume a percentage of Inaros' health and will deal extra damage based on his ability power scaling with the enemy he siphoned.
They will be linked to Inaros' health, fighting until they die. An additional augment can be made to make their attacks heal Inaros' in return.

For sandstorm, instead of using his energy, it will now consume his health. The lower Inaros' health is, it will gain additional range/damage/movement speed.
Instead of flinging enemies, the sandstorm will now suck enemies and trap them inside the vortex until Inaros' stops. Constantly dealing damage.
The enemies will all drop down around Inaros once he stops. This will make him an excellent CC use as well group up scattered enemies.


Nothing immediate as there are priorities, but small reworks that would be nice if he gets its when he gets his prime.

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