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Varies greatly between the factions. Some tweaks are definitely required here. 


The Infested are probably the best faction to re-animate right now due to their simplistic melee-centric approach to combat. They will actively seek out enemy targets, often quite far away like in another room. The only problem I have is with Infested Runners: I don't want to raise a minion just to see him suicide seconds later! I've grown accustomed to simply not killing them when playing Nekros, so all things considered that is a very minor issue. 


The Corpus are have good points and bad points. Like Infested they are very close-combat oriented with MOAs and Crewmen seeking to engage targets in close combat. However being that they also have projectile weapons they suffer some issues: like trying to shoot enemies in a different room by firing into the walls.  


The Grineer are, quite frankly, horrible. They are cowardly, often fleeing as soon as they are summoned to take cover - sometimes even in a different room! Being that they are mostly equipped with projectile weapons they showcase the worst AI bugs. Like Corpus they will often try and shoot enemies through wall/cover. The only good thing about the Grineer is that once you re-animate a Bombard/Napalm, you're in for a treat. 


All in all, the re-animated copies need to be made more aggressive and rush into combat more. Oh and please make them actually try and get a clear line of fire rather than impotently emptying their magazines into the walls... 

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