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This guy should lead the art direction of Warframe. 


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I concur Doktor.

The Demented Chicken Head on DMT / LSD / Opioids Look has been kinda' beaten to Deth.

I like the sleek lines rather than the Chicken Head Technocolor Vomit... but that's JustMe.

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18 hours ago, notNSANE said:


I agree with OP. Someone needs to bring back the old, more serious style of Warframe, and try to rework or just remove Octavia and some outliers.

I do prefer the older stuff as a rule. However, some of the newer stuff is totally in line with what came before. 

Octavia...the Vegas showgirl aesthetic of the original skin is one of those that make you wonder what the devs were thinking. However, her deluxe skin is simply outstanding and very  much in the old school for warframe art, but it doesn't reference musical on any level. Octavia is a music 'frame. Wrestling that theme into anything warframe related is certainly going to be a challenge. 

I, for one, am very curious how DE will approach Octavia Prime. That one will be interesting. 

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9 hours ago, kevoisvevo said:

that's not an ash deluxe, he doesn't look ninja-y? that look suits nekros or harrow more

nekros and harrow already look like that a deluxe that just looks like them would be silly. this is more of a secret order kind of assassin thing which works just fine. it's a change on his theme of assassin.

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On ‎2019‎-‎07‎-‎19 at 9:50 AM, Vlada91 said:

So you don't like serious design style,ok but you like when your deluxe have big ass or  atlas deluxe look like its from warcraft game

Where did I say I liked that? Please, point to the comment where I said that those were my tastes.

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On 2019-07-19 at 4:13 PM, ChaosSabre said:

Sorry but that ash deluxe is terrible. If that was for harrow or nekros I'd let it slide. Hell that'd look better even as a Baruuk deluxe.

Also that Rhino is just a dead space armor.

>Bevors have existed since the time of knights.
>Dead Space was released a bit over a decade ago.
>Literally any armor that features a bevor is now a "Dead Space" armor.


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i agree with th OP it looks like warframe but better and it would be nice to see come consistency in the art style of things in the game 

i'll admit i don't like that garuda though

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