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Default Energy Colors and Special Textures


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With the arrival of the new shaders and dual color system for the Emissive and Energy Textures, there was a set of textures that finally were able to showcase their default color: Stuff like Nova jets, Trinity's visor screen, or Wukong's crown tails.

When U25 launched these worked right. Took 6 years of Warframe for these to finally see the light of day. However custom colors weren't going through, therefore an override was set in place.

Basically: Trinity Prime, for instance, has orange emissive energy, a red tennobet visor and green colored abilities because healing. When U25 launched, she was properly showcased like this:


After the fix to properly show the custom colors, now she looks like this:


That's because the abilities are colored green (as they should be). This is extended to various Warframes and a couple Prime weapons, which the Codex THANKFULLY still shows properly, as the colors are properly retrieved. I've tried to go around coloring them myself, but I really don't want to give up the green healing on Trinity or the transparent wind on Zephyr when the system clearly can work properly. It's either, fixing this or to give these items their own extra coloring slot.

What I'm asking: Can we please fix the defaults WITHOUT changing the Energy color? Take a few programmers and see why the custom colors were not going through, properly fixing everything? Now that TennoCon is over, I'm hoping this can happen. I'm aware it's a difficult bug to squish, but we've come so far now and it's so close 😞

List of affected items:

  • Ash / Prime
  • Ember Prime
  • Mag / Prime
  • Nova / Prime
  • Octavia
  • Revenant (this one was fixed by changing default Energy color... But that should be revised and reversed if you guys manage to fix the code, please)
  • Trinity / Prime
  • Wukong / Daeshang / Prime
  • Zephyr Prime
  • Silva & Aegis Prime
  • Dual Kamas Prime

Items I'm unsure of, but should be checked:

  • Nyx / Prime
  • Volt / Prime
  • Hildryn
  • The upcoming Gauss

Please DE, I beg you. I've personally been after this for the last 4 years 😢




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At all this, and sorry for the short time in bump, I have noticed a few Warframes need the default Ability values to be swapped between Primary and Secondary (light tone is always on the left and dark tone is always on the right, according to the design). These values seem shared across base/Prime/deluxe therefore just posting the Warframe name:


As you can see in all instances the dark color comes first, when it should be the other way around. Again, it's only the values! Each slot is coloring the part of the texture that's intended to correctly! Might be a hassle, but I doubt it's too difficult to swap them! 😅

Thanks for your time :3

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