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First of all, my English is not good so understood please. Today, I tested ARCH-GUN MOD with Velocitus and Phaedra. And I comparing data in other website.Then I discover that Deadly Efficiency and Archgun Ace improved the cold-door weapons such as Phaedra in Archwing Mission much more than other use to "attack Profit-Taker Orb"s popular weapons. But ARCH-GUN MOD such as Deadly Efficiencyand Archgun Ace could not trigger in Archwing Mission and Deadly Efficiency triggers only when used Velocitus on ground. I thought that these MODs were born to balance all kinds of Arch-guns and make all kinds of weapons play a role. But the fact is not, I'm so sad, because the popular weapons do not need these MOD to reinforce, no one will shoot a courpus head first when they attack Profit-Taker Orb's leg and Normally no one uses Archgun on the ground.I hope someone can answer my question or fix it. Thanks.

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