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Mr. Dice, the RNG frame


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Hi there. While I stood in front of my pc and cleared dungeons in World of Warcraft and received exactly 0 good loot, a great idea came to me: make a frame based on RNG! Yeah!

So, here it is.


Name: Mr. Dice (I suck at naming things)

Backstory: After much study, the tenno have discovered that the best weapon against any enemy is the power of luck. Mr. Dice, recent winner of the Annual Corpus Lottery, is the deadliest warframe with this power.

Appearance: I don't know, some dude with a dice for a head?


Stats: Health 75

          Shields 50

          Energy 100

          Armor 15

          Sprint 1.25

With the power of luck at his side, Mr. Dice doesn't need stats. Except for sprint, as he needs to GTFO fast when RNG fails. No matter how skillful Mr. Dice is, RNG is chaotic even to him. 


Passive: Roll the Dice

       Every 30 seconds, Mr. Dice will apply a random effect on enemies in a large radius that lasts 20 seconds.

Effects: - Nerf Guns: Enemies bullets become rubbery, dealing half damage to you and bouncing back at them, dealing the same amount of damage to them. 

               Credit Pinniata: When damaged the enemies have a chance to drop credits equal to the damage received. 

               Sugar Rush: Double their movement speed and fire rate. Killing enemies affected by Sugar Rush will grant a stacking buff, increasing your movement speed and fire rate.

               Power Up: Increase their levels by 5 to 10.

               Elemental Bugaloo: Enemies will deal random elemental damage. 


Ability 1: Lottery Shots

             For the next X seconds, your gun shots are guaranteed critical strikes with a critical multiplier ranging from 1x to 30x. Procs of 20x multiplier and above will also cause damage in a small area around the target.

Ability 2 - Dice Shield 

      Unfortunately, dices don't double as shields, but Mr. Dice will still try. Mr. Dice gains a shield for the next X seconds which reduces damage received by a random percentage between 1% and 100%.

Ability 3: Gun Rising

             Disarm nearby enemies. Additionally, the guns grow legs for twenty seconds and receive one of three effects, chosen at random:

             Effects: - Gunfire Rebellion: The guns stage a rebellion, attacking their former users.

                            A Gun's Loyalty: Apparently, a gun can be loyal. The guns will attack Mr. Dice until they die or expire.

                            Every Gun For Itself: The guns, in their mass confusion over their sudden sentience, attack each other.          

             When the twenty seconds expire, the guns will explode, dealing explosive damage in a small area around them.

Ability 4 - Copycat 

      Mr. Dice doesn't dream of who he wants to be, he becomes who he wants to be (with a chance of failure). Mr. Dice casts the fourth ability of a random warframe ( that isn't Mr. Dice).



Update #1: changed passive, ability 1 and ability 3.

Update #2: reworked abilities 2 and 4. 

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I mean, the concept of Luck is a very nice gimmick, props to you for thinking of that since you could get very creative with how it works. But the abilities are in desperate need of change, since this frame just looks A) too troll-able, and B) Not even fun to play.

The abilities seem like theyre too much of a risk since the negative effects are WAY too detrimental to the player and the positive effects are so mediocre, why even risk using the ability? We’ll work our way through the abilities one by one.

Passive- Uhh, what? This is barely even a passive and just a detriment, frames barely go down due to the modding system having incredible additions, so a sole passive centred around going down is just daft, also it has the potential to just screw you over , what is the point? I get that he is based around luck but from a realistic standpoint, who would even want this?

Ability 1- Just why? Why would you do that? Why not just equip the superior weapon in the first place?

Ability 2- Okay now let me paint you a scenario. You’re 60 minutes into a Mot survival (somehow with this frame) and your allies become downed by a nullifier x bombard combo, you’re the only one left, you activate your second to mitigate the damage and revive them but instead get one shotted. How infuriating would that be? The effect of this ability is so crucial to the frame’s survivability (given that he only has 75hp) that it should be active 90% of the time, sort of like Mesa’s shatter shield, so the negative effect would trigger a hell of a lot, making this ability not even remotely fun to use.

Ability 3- This is waaaay to troll-able, imagine taking this frame into a squad that wants to farm, yeah looks like that squad is having 0 fun. Not only is this not fun to use at all, it is also a massive detriment to the team and utterly useless. Why not just bring Khora, Nekros, or Hydroid?

Ability 4- Honestly, not bad. Don’t get me wrong it could use some changes like the ability to cancel and switch back and maybe switch this ability to his 3rd to reduce the cost, but in general this is sort of a nice idea for a luck based ability. There are some massive issues of course, like what if you switched to a frame that requires time to demonstrate their worth (e.g. Nidus’ stacks) or what if you switched to a frame who’s main benefit was based around duration abilities lasting longer that Copycat (e.g. Chroma’s vex armour). Would they use the same energy pool? Like when the random frame used an ability to reduce their energy by 75, would ‘Mr Dice’ have 75 less energy when he switched back?

Like I said, there are many glaring issues with his 4 that desperately need tweaking but, in general, well done on this ability, seems like a lot of fun to use if it’s altered a little here and there. The rest of the abilities are self explanatory.

While the theme of luck is a very nice idea, the issue with an RNG based frame is that it severely limits the actual usability of the frame, since everything is so random there is no uniform to their kit, its one of many reasons why people hate Titania’s tribute buffs, if I were you, I would completely scrap the RNG concept and somehow work luck into the frame’s abilities in a different way.

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17 hours ago, ggcc15 said:

Backstory: After much study, the tenno have discovered that the best weapon against any enemy is the power of luck.

Actually, that honor goes to Spin2win Zaws. Just ask any "elite" player.


Joking aside, RNGesus sucks a huge one. Just no thanks.

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