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Tenno Reinforcements: Update 25.4.0

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this is cool but why are the prices for detonite injectors/fieldrons/mutagen masses more expensive to rush in the foundry than just outright buying from the market?



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How much further down the road are we going to go before Old hiatus content (dark-sector rails, pvp clan rails, dark sector nodes)
finally gets addressed.

it would do a world of good to take a couple months to sort out what to keep and cut because atm there is partial implemented content and hush hush things like.

taking anti-toxin to toxin injectors on earth
void vault rooms (major updates needed since these are WAY back before bullet jump update)

cetus and earth mission day/night cycle disconnect (you could make the earth map sprite change brightness to better signify day/night maybe? glare or sparkles perhaps)

fixes are welcomed, railjack, ok. but please for bloody sakes tell me you've got something in the works to address the half dead content in the game that's been stuck in limbo

years have gone by and you can see the holes of cut content. like moths to a quilt (space moths! NOM NOM NOM!)

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