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Boss Battle, Ultimate! Challenging + Great Rewards.


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Hey, i was thinking.. We have alot of bosses, and now we also have the new Lephantis.

Even so i must say, they are all easily solo-able and Lephantis is on a more advanced level and maybe not solo-able for half of the players.

Was reading a wiki about these mythological creatures and something came poppin'.


How about devoting a planet to just one boss with its own mini-bosses.


Boss: Cthulhu (Or any other original name, yet Cthulhu is a fictional creature).

Planet: Vhoorl (Also optional ofcourse).

Faction: Infested (Check out his drawings).





On this planet there would be added 10 +- locations, all where a mini-boss resides.

The locations would be ordered in line towards the big boss battle with Cthulhu, a boss that would actually take a squad of 4 men to fight.

Now, the reason why the locations would be aligned to eachother is because you will only have one way to advance to the boss level, also you'll have one or two days to complete the whole planet including the Cthulhu boss battle, and in turn would take another day to be refreshed and re-played once again.

Wiki has alot of information about this creature, and it could very well be categorized as an infested.

Materials that should drop on this planet should also be a bit more advanced. Rarity should not change much, except with the boss battle explained in phase 3.




In phase 1 (which would be the easier and the first half of the planet) which would consist of all clan-tech samples (Mutagen, Fieldtron, Detonite ampule, Plastids).

~5 locations

Game mode(s):

Extermination for each planet (200 creatures per location).

After the extermination has been succesfull there will be a boss relic available, which upon retrieval awakens his guardian (mini-boss). 


Survival for each planet (5 minutes per location).

Same plot as with Extermination, yet due to it being less mobs, probably increase the drop ratio slightly.


Defense for each planet (5 waves per location).

Same plot as with Extermination, yet due to it being less mobs, probably increase the drop ratio slightly.


-Could also mix the game modes for these first 5 locations.




In phase 2 (which would be the somewhat harder half of the planet) would consist of all rare materials, drops should consist out of: Orokin Cell - Neurodes - Neural Sensors - Morphics - Gallium

~5 locations

Game mode(s):

Same as phase one, adjust the levels the mobs have by some.




Mini-bosses should maybe drop new items that have yet to be made by DE. Maybe a higher chance on the materials residing on this planet, or maybe even some already known weapon blueprints where one print is considered a rare.




In phase 3 (Cthulhu boss battle) should have a wide drop list containing a small chance on items like alternate helmets and new scarves DE has yet to make. AND also all the rare materials mentioned in phase 2, where two of those rare items should always drop next to those possible rare items mentioned before (also when there is no rare, maybe even in batches of 5 or 10, due to the boss battle being only once each two days and being hard).

~Location R'lyeh as in the myth (optional)


This boss would be an extreme challenge as he's also very colossal just like Lephantis (J-2000 golem) yet a bit tougher ( hence 4 man squad ).




Planet would take well over an hour to finish (but you'll have all day, or 48 hours). DE could adjust the settings to make it shorter if things don't work out.




Thread is (probably) not finished and will advance as we speak, not sure what to add anymore so i'm open for suggestions, which i will then implement in the idea.

I hope its a good idea, because we really need a challenge that takes some effort (Lephantis is also harder then the current bosses and a great addition, yet in my opinion not something that takes us over the edge).

Maybe this (or something in these lines), is something for update 11 ~ 12 or later on when the game has been tweaked.

Also those material drops will make people do it every time they can and thus they will not forsake it like they are with derelict now, due to nekros being farmed. These new rare additions and clan-tech samples included in the drop list will also make them do it over and over.


Open for discussion, i hope its not made in vain.. but you never know ^_^ i think its a great mind pop.

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