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Persistent FPS drops


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I play Warframe on a laptop that can handle it fairly well (usually my frame rate hovers between 25 and 30 FPS), but occasionally I go through periods where the frame rate keeps dropping unexpectedly.  It usually goes away after a couple of weeks, so I've never seen the need to make a fuss over it until now, but after the Nightwave: Emissary arc started, the FPS dropping has returned with a vengeance, to the point where it is no longer something that I can ignore or just put up with.  

Specifically, what happens is every few minutes, the frame rate will drop to less than 10 FPS, sometimes even going as low as 3 FPS.  This will last for about 5-10 seconds, at which the game will speed back up to a playable speed.  In the past when I've had this problem, it usually only lasted for a few weeks and it would only happen once every 15 minutes or so, but that is no longer the case.  According to the end-of-mission report, the last mission I played in the game lasted 9 minutes and 50 seconds: during that time, I experienced 5 of these slowdown periods (and this is with my graphics set as low as they can go and after I've optimized the game).  What's more, is that this doesn't just happen in missions, it happens with the same frequency even when I'm just sitting in my orbiter.

Please help?


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Sounds very similar to this thread I created a few days ago. I periodically drop from 165 FPS down to 10 or less. This happens every few minutes. This issue has only started happening recently for me. See 


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