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Orb Vallis Extraction Door Bug

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(spoilers regarding second dream and up)


K, so i was waiting for one more person to extract after finishing a bounty and got a little too bored(i do this all the time when extracting in PoE and OV).

Since you can't use abilities when waiting in the extraction door, including operator, you can go into operator mode before you go into the door and play around with your abilities. i happen to be low hp for some reason. then i shoot myself with the shraksun scaffold on my amp and kill myself JUST when the last person arrives to extract. so since my Ivara was standing outside the door, i teleported there and fall under the map while extraction occurs.



couldn't do anything, not even open the menu. but as you can tell on the right, i could see that someone has left the squad. then I got multiplayer connection lost screen.

so... yeah. i got my rewards from the bounty and resources/mods founds and all, but what's even weirder is that the mission summary showed me the mission summary of the PREVIOUS game. yikes. interesting tho. maybe someone can recreate this.

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update, i fell through the floor again, this time from the other side of the door from inside Fortuna. i started a bounty and slide to the door and fall to my death...? the bounty started before i went through the door, which means i could open my my gear wheel while falling to my death. that's weird.


i click revive and warframe crashes lol



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