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Ethereal Pyrana


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This has been bugging me for a while the anims for the Ethereal pyrana are bugged and don't act as if the frame is using a dual secondary weapon. 
This is how the Ethereal Pyrana currently looks. The animations are acting as if there is only 1 single pyrana.



When it should look like this:

Its been bugged like this for quite some time now and its one of the reason why i shelved my pyrana prime a weapon with a mechanic like this should not be shelved because of this type of bug.

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Tis been over half a year since this happened.
More specifically, it happened after the melee 2.9 patch.

The way I see it, it ain't being fixed soon. If it were it would have already been fixed a long time ago.
Maybe it isn't in their highest priority, or maybe the problem is much more deeper then it just shows.

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