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Tenno Factions / New Alliances

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I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for my topic so please either move it or inform me and I'll repost.


I'm enjoying this game immensely and I won't be able to ever do justice to my appreciation in one post so I won't, I'll just say you all should be proud of what you've accomplished here. One of the things I'm enjoying and like many others it seems is the lore, but I have so many questions about the lore that impacts my understanding of the game including, how many tenno exist? If it's represented by every player in the game and Lotus is connected to us all how come she hasn't just rallied us all together and shut this whole grineer / corpus grip on the system down? Like a concentrated attack of millions of Warframes would control the system no? 


Either way it for me to thinking of a possible direction the story could go, let's say we don't get the lotus back after the events of the new war, that would leave millions of operators without a clear leader and a guiding hand, So what if this was a sort of liberation for the Tenno where now they were free to make choices like aligning themselves with the grineer, corpus, maintain the Tenno way, sentients even! This could then lead into monthly events where those factions would compete during the event and the winning faction would progress the story of the warframe universe and allowing players to truly shape the game. This is something that would personally excite me and factor in the player base and all the warframe running around the system.


Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this!

TL;DR - Tenno are leaderless, some go rogue, some try to maintain the old Tenno way so create factions and faction related missions for these factions.


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