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Anyone think 'marilyn manson' everytime they see Alad V?


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35 minutes ago, kgabor said:

Now i imagined 'Sweet Dreams', but with Salad dissecting warframes instead of the original clip.

Not that much of a stretch.

I was watching the beautiful people and was thinking this is an amalgam or tenno experiment of a sort. Disposable teens also gives me that corpus repo vibe. Ya, the alad and marilyn similarity isnt much, but enough is there for me to want to see it everytime.

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6 hours ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

.. Alad just experiments on thigns and is a creep in general.

Thats how most people view him. Watching the old videos again like disposable teens and the beautiful people gives me the idea that his character creation at least has some influence from manson.

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