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A Day For Celibration!


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It's a fine day indeed! o well it was.. at 6am, you see I woke up at 4am and relaxed as I do when I checked the twitter BOT. You see im a tad addicted to this fine game, and of all the warframes I want I have most of them so far, Loki, Nyx, ash/volt... but the second frame I've always wanted was Vauban. This was long before I learned he was "broken" mind you all and so I collected the pieces, got countless log in BP, did several alerts for his chassis and systems.. but the helmet never came up! I kept an eye out and even got the phone app. (yeah I'm addicted i know)


BUT IT HAPPENED!!! it only comes but once a month but it happened! and now I have a full set, the grenade master of plotting shall be mine!!!!!!


to all those who just got him, CHEERS!!! 8D

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