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Nemesis Starchart - an(other) Endgame Idea


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Hey there,


in this topic i want to discuss a system that came to my mind which might be a new approach on what "Endgame" could look like in Warframe.



  • on certain missions on every planet, the player has the option to play the mission in Nemesis-Mode
  • whenever you finish a mission succesfully, your progress gets saved (progress=enemy level)
  • the next time you play it in Nemesis Mode again, you will start where you have stopped the last time
  • your profile shows your average Nemesis-lvl in different categories like Planet/Missiontype/etc (this could be expanded to Clans aswell for a Clan-Leaderboard)
  • this will hopefully give the players both a reason and the option to push themselves as far as they want to while having a steady progression in game


The Missions:

At first i was thinking about adding this on each Mission on the Starchart, but my conclusion was that this is too much and too complicated.

Besides that, in many gamemodes the enemy lvl doesnt really makes a difference, so i think focussing on these 3 would be the best:

  • Survival
  • Defense
  • Exterminate
  • on every planet, each of those Missions is available in Nemesis-Mode

Considering the 2 endless-gamemodes a huge benefit for everyone who wants to fight higher-lvl enemies is that he can do that without having to fight the low-lvl enemies for a long time before he gets to the desired lvl. This has been a recurring request for a long time anyway.

Considering the Exterminate, i picked this gamemode because i think it would be cool to also have a quicker mission in the mix aswell. It could serve the purpose of testing your gear and modding before going into the endless modes for example besides providing some quick fun of course.


The Matchmaking:

I was debating for myself whether this Nemesis-Mode should be Solo-Only or with Matchmaking.

In the end, i didnt want to forbid matchmaking because people could "leech" the nemesis-lvl ; this is something that is probably the most fun with friends/clanmates etc.

  • you can play Solo and in premade groups
  • if you play in a party, the Game will take the Nemesis-lvl of the player who has the lowest at that moment
  • (this way, you cannot simply start a group with someone who has a high Nemesis-lvl to instantly go from 10-500 for example)
  • i dont know if public matchmaking should be an option or if its restricted to invite only, but if its possible the same rule applies
  • Bonus: If a fissure-Mission takes place on a Mission on the Starchart that provides the Nemesis-Mode, you can play it aswell


The Rewards:

This will be a hot topic and i fear that the whole discussion might focus on this part, but i still think i have to say a few words because otherwise the 1st question would be "but what about rewards?" 😁 So what are rewards that make sure players feel rewarded but dont give other players the feeling that they have to play something they dont want to?

  • 1st rule: nothing essential that a player will need at any point in the game
  • 2nd rule: no scaling rewards - you dont get more ressources if you play on a higher lvl

Besides a spot on Leaderboards (for single players and clans) and your statistics in the profile, i am thinking of Milestones:

  • to reach Milestones, we have to increase our overall average Nemesis-lvl (calculated from all available Missions)
  • huge Milestones happen every 100 levels
  • these will provide a custom glyph and emblem
  • small Milestones happen every 50 levels between the huge ones
  • they can offer one time rewards like a Riven-Pack, Kuva/endo/credits, basically the stuff you can get from Sorties but a little more of it
  • the small Milestones could be also available for each Planet (Nemesis-lvl calculated only from the missions on a planet)


Additional thoughts:

Of course there could be a lot more to this, but i think for the start its good to keep it simple.

Anyway, some things that came to mind were:

  • failing missions will decrease your Nemesis-lvl again (you cannot farm the rewards this way of course^^)
  • just our 4 (or 6 with arcanes) revives, no bleedout timer (but no stupid Arbitration mechanics aswell 😄)
  • certain bosses spawning in the missions when you are on your way to the next Milestone
  • certain conditions (like in Sorties) when you are on your way to the next Milestone
  • weird stuff like a "all enemies are Noxes exterminate" on your way to your next Milestone



So, what do you think about this?

  • would you like to play this?
  • do you think this is something that would satisfy the people looking for Endgame?
  • do you want to have more/less missions available for this Nemesis-Mode?
  • do you agree that both Solo and Matchmaking should be available?
  • is there something you would like to add to this?


Thanks for reading and please dont get triggered by the term Endgame 😁


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  • 2 weeks later...

Followed you from my thread here.


Here's my response.  I like it in theory and on paper. 

In reality this will never happen.  Warframe thrives off of impulse whales like any other game as a service.  This means showing off your power and cool cosmetics to new players to show them how bad ass they can be if they could just open their wallet...

This is why players are forced to go back to old content all the time.  I think that's good "sometimes" to prevent dead zones and also just to revisit stuff, but warframe abuses that concept into the ground.

I think for example, it's good for nightwave to do this.  It's not good to do this all the damn time because it leads to burn and frustration.

Strictly put, your idea is bad for the bottom dollar and likely is never going to see the light of day because of it.

The rewards you listed are nice, but we had to scream and jump up and down for 20 weeks to get them to put 10k kuva into nightwave which is for all intents and purposes, a mandatory mode for unique items... if you think riven packs are on the table I'd say that's a nice dream you have.  To be clear, 10k kuva is not worth 50 wolf creds, not when you can get it in a few minutes in kuva survival.  You're better off buying weekly weapon skins at that point since they offer more direct plat value for your time and that's not even your best plat, which will be your good aura mods you can sell and just buy the skins or save up and buy whatever riven you want directly rather than gambling.  

I'm not a gambler personally, and I hate rolling rivens.  I roll a riven until it's good.  I have 3 rivens that I didn't buy, each for a meta weapon.  All three are over 70 rolls, nothing worth selling yet.  Frankly when it comes to rivens, I can't understand why anyone would gamble unless they just manage to have some good luck on their rolls, which doesn't ever seem to be the case for me.  For me its' just faster to sell trash and buy whatever riven I want directly, even if it's 20k.

Without those rewards, that leaves leaderboards, which apparently DE has grown allergic to for some reason as they have removed them and never put them back for reasons literally nobody understands.

Additionally what is the incentive here other than higher level enemies?  Higher level enemies actually disincentivise play, since rewards don't and will never scale because money reasons.  To make this clear... the difference between 1 shotting an enemy and 2 shotting an enemy is two times the time invested, for the same reward, meaning, once you stop one shotting enemies and two shotting them instead you're getting half the rewards.


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