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Frame by Frame Contest [Winners Announced]!


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This is my entry:

  • Expectations: https://imgur.com/gq7LOo4gq7LOo4.png


  • Reality: https://imgur.com/AmELN3m


- Had a hard timing the lightning strikes and taking pictures not moving the controller.
This is made in my clan's dojo. no photoshop.


Models: Aylmer, KeiKloud and Emi_Mae_Kal
thank you for helping me out and being blinded for me :)

- Tharasin


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Thank you for participating! This contest had so many top quality submissions that we needed a studio-wide vote to choose the final winners. Here they are!

Frame by Frame Contest Honorable Mentions:

Frame by Frame Contest Winners:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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