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Frame by Frame Contest [Winners Announced]!

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vor 40 Minuten schrieb (XB1)AnnabelleNewell:

Can one use skins or does it have to be the EXACT way it looks in the video? Honestly, the CGI trailer is kinda falsely representing warframe. You expect it to look good, but in all reality, the graphics are not that great. Sadly.


Recreate a moment from the Warframe cinematic intro as accurately as you can in-game.

This kinda answers your question - you are not supposed to make a van Gogh, just to recreate a scene in your best ability ^^

That does mean you can use whatever skin you want but it wouldnt be as accurate as you can.


EDIT: As someone stated below - it would be nice to get @[DE]Helen to answer this - cause beeing creatively free is completely different, to beeing as accurate as possible.

So making the coolest shot would be something else entirely, than to make the most identical one.

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Teshin.... "politely" turned down my invitation for a photo shoot, so I ended up zapping a stand-in Corrupted Lancer instead. 🙂

Disclaimer: said Corrupted Lancer was later compensated with a free medical checkup (courtesy of Trinity) and cookies (prepped by Ember).


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As above, yea, I'm not clear if the goal is to recreate as in 'copy' or as in interpret, or as in how one should hope to see it when one play's it out. Each of these is pretty distinctly different and the responses ive seen are all over... Which could be fine as well but i think a more formal clsrification would be more inspiring.Thanks for reading, I hope you agree.

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How do we participate on console with no pc? Can you lay it out step by step for us noobs? If it is already expained can you direct me to the explanation please.

You seem to favour players that watch streams with rewards, what about players that are not into watching but would rather play, where are our rewards?...I guess stream exclusive rewards are just a way to get player to watch the stream...and pay for twitch prime...its a pretty shadey tactic...players paying for rewards...


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4 hours ago, AvPCelticPredator said:

So, what actually we creating in this contest if no have video submission?

A screenshot?
Like I know captura doesnt have video capturing option on HDD, so how someone can recreate that Cinematic intro if he cant use video editor or photosop, how we can upload youtube video on captura to recreate video?
Does DEVS have some magic to shou u example how we to do? 🤔

It's literally called "Frame by Frame" and explicitly says, "Add your own flair to the reveal by recreating a single image".  I don't think the rules could be any more clear.  Pose and take a screenshot that matches any frame in the cinematic intro as closely as possible.

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