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Running Problems


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The controls for running are terribly unresponsive in tight spaces. Pressing left shift requires me to walk forward, uninterrupted for a moment before I start running. This makes wallrunning in certain small spaces infurating and sometimes completely impossible.

The real issue it, that this lack of responsiveness only happens on certain patches of ground, it feels like. DE, please look into this. It is slowly turning movement into a terrible chore.

And before you ask, my left shift key is in perfect working order outside of warframe.

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You're not specifying which "ground" should be looked at. You need to try to give a bit more details and also trouble shoot on your end.


Is this both solo and network games?


Does the issue lessen on minimum settings?


Have you tried jumping first before sprinting?

Good point. I will do some closer examination on the issue.
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Same issue.  Since Update 10, I've had a lot of trouble successfully wall-running.  After some testing (eg, goofing around) with the controls, it seems like the issue is that I'm not being consistently kept in the "run" state while holding down the Sprint key.  This is also affecting my ability to do things like the jump-lunge/air dash.


I have the issue (primarily?) in network games; I haven't run much solo, but didn't notice the problem while doing some testing in the dojo.  Haven't noticed a difference from settings changes.  Jumping (or changing direction) before or while sprinting seems to make it worse, if anything.  Haven't been able to associate this with any particular ground or wall type -- consistent across all tiles I've tried (I think everything but Derelict, which I haven't gotten around to yet).


Edit : Having trouble with the 'snap-to' while wallrunning even while solo.  Don't think issue is related; doesn't seem to have anything to do with run state.  But if it's also affecting multiplayer (can't tell if wall runs are always failing for same reason) may be exacerbating the gameplay effects of the other problem.

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