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Suggested alteration to Ivara passive.


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Ivara does have a passive of innate radar that detects enemies within 20 meters on the minimap. 

20 meters is decent and yes it stacks with other detection mods.

But what I would like to suggest is that within that 20 meters, when aiming, targets within a specified area of the target crosshair, say about the area usually displayed circling the crosshair of sniper rifles which usually constitutes approximately the center eighth of the screen, are highlighted similar to how they are are highlighted when your helios decides to scan them. This highlighted effect subjectively applies to weapons with punch through and will highlight targets behind cover which is thin enough for ivara's equipped weapon to punch through. This again, would only apply to the 20 meter radius of Ivara's inate enemy detection area, helping her to more easily pick out targets. Seeing as ivara is mostly an infiltration frame, this could potentially give her a more active role as a sniper in more rapid game play and also would also work well for her role in infiltration in that with the right weapon she does not always need line of sight to eliminate a target. 

Please note that of course taking down a target you don't have eyes on always runs the risk of altering other enemies that you may not be able to see.

Just a thought. A little xray vision would do a lot for a rather squishy frame...

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