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This Game Needs More Optimization


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Have you watched per-core load during play? Even with the multi-threaded rendered enabled, there is still one dominant thread, and having a single fast core is still quite important.


Your RAM might be too slow. According to Wikipedia your processor can support up to DDR3-1333.


His board can't support DDR3 if he's using DDR2.


Also, DDR3-1333 is generally only marginally faster than DDR2-1066, and memory speed is only one factor in overall memory performance.


Still, it's possible that his memory subsystem is too slow, though I don't personally think it's likely the main issue.

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well i personally have noticed recently that the memory usage for this game has gone up quite a bit and i've actually had my memory monitor redline displaying my memory as being "out" so to speak as in in the kilobyte range instead of the megabyte range when it's under heavy usage.  i have a 2.33 ghz quad core processor it's a rather old one so ddr2 is the best ram i can support atm and that's what i have 4gb of 800 speed ddr2 and at random intervials i'm still bottoming out on my ram and cpu resources as if i was trying to encode a large video file or something  a couple weeks or so ago i didn't have this problem with this game

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