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Bugged Revive Tower in Arbitration


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At the start of an Arb earlier, there was a player that joined and almost instantly suicided with the Lenz. The player made a comment on how the Lenz wasn't the best idea then left. For some reason the Revive Tower didn't leave with them. The player's body disappeared but the Revive Tower, it's visual marker, and the UI text saying "Revive Player" all remained. The Arb Drones however were not dropping any Resurgence Tokens so for the most part I could deal with the visual nuisance. After 3 more players joined and about 15ish minutes, one of my teammates went down. The real problem with this bug is that the bugged Revive Tower wouldn't allow the dead teammate's Revive Tower to spawn. Not only was the Revive Tower missing, but any visual indication apart from "Player has died" was absent. It took a minute to find just the player's body and nothing else. Both a teammate and I had 5 or more Tokens each so we were able to revive them but we had nowhere to bring the Tokens to. I tried going to the bugged Tower from the player that left but nothing happened, and bringing Tokens near the dead teammate brought the same result. I was playing Rhino so the debuff ment nothing to me but another teammate died carrying 6 Resurgence Tokens. The second dead teammate had the same issue. At that point the 4th surviving teammate recommended we extract so the run was cut short at 19 mins (should've waited 1 more min).

It may not mean much but using Semlar's Death Parser tool, I got this screeenshot of the death log-


Blue is the first person that joined the game and suicided with the Lenz/left afterwards.

Red is the first of the new 3 teammates that died.

Green is the teammate that died carrying 6 Resurgence Tokens.

I copied the original EE.log file this came from so I can submit a support ticket if anyone from DE may need it.

TLDR: Player joins my Arb game, suicides, then leaves. Their Revive Tower is left behind. New teammates join, two of them die and don't get a Revive Tower.

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This JUST happened to me as well. It makes many public Arbitration almost impossible to complete because of that. You described exactly how this can occur:
1- Player dies and leaves
2- Revive tower and UI messages remain
3- More players join in afterward before the lock
4- Said players die later and don't spawn a revive tower
5- Survivors get gimped due to perma-debuffs from revive tokens that cannot be dispensed.


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