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Proxy Rebellion: Countdown waves doesnt work ... (already feels like endless)


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The Bonus Defence mission on Europe of 20 waves already feels like too long with the constant popping up of zanuka's and dursa's ... but it is quite annoying to notice after 20 minutes in there are still 18 waves to go. While we at least have done 10 already ... restarting I am dropped in a missions with others and the HUD displays there said still 9 waves to go .. 

When the wave is dealt with and next wave comes, AGAIN the countdown of remaining waves stays at 9 ... team mates say it is for them 20 ... and quite. 


Clearly bugged then

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The level is clearly bugged ... 

In another try, everything went smooth, wave countdown worked, but despite my arcane nullifiers with 100% magnetic damage prevention those fcking zanuka;s still made my frame get affected ... 

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