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Best Mission To Rank Up.


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Kappa on Sedna first until you get a couple levels. Then go to Kiste on Ceres.


Why you might ask?


Because a population of players try to get quick levels on their newly made or forma'd frames and try to go in at level 1 on kiste. Some can hold their own, and some just hope that others will carry them for free exp.

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Go from Lua, Earth for the lower levels of your weapons, to Kappa, Sedna for the middle portion of the levels, and then on to Cyath, Eris for the ranks leading to 30. Lua is low level, about 13 or so. Kappa gets up to the mid-range of twenties and spawns more enemies. Cyath is about level 44-45 infested. Cyath is just for the people who spam powers, Which is good for you because you gain 25% experience for frame, primary, secondary, and melee for every kill a teammate gets, so you don't have to fret about kills just stick to your high-baller players a bit.


I usually take about 2-3 hours to get my weapons up to 30 with this mission combo, and its fun because of the crazy amount of enemies to kill.


Have fun :)

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