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Bugged Riven mod


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I currently have a Riven, which is pretty painful to do. That isn't the issue however, the fact that no matter what it does not register any forms of completion.

"Destroy 6 Dargyns using a bow while in aim glide."

I've killed around 10, trying various tactics just to see what it's asking of me and it's never registered a single kill. From killing them stationary at the ground, to ones at long distance, nothing seems to proc the progress for this. The riven is outright terrible garbage without a bug making it impossible to complete. Due to the fact Dargyns are so fast (and buggy) in movement , combined with bows having very high zoom making aiming a pain on a fast moving targets. There also seems to be the fact that aim glide can often end while the arrow is in flight.

With all that said, i'm certain i've done it correctly a lot of times, and nada.

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