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Teralyst in the DAY?!


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YEa, me and 3 Randoms were fishing, decided to go after some thumpers. When I heard the Teralyst cry. I was confused and looked up, middle of the in game Plains of Eidolon DAY. And there it was. No vombalysts. And it didn't attack us, just shot the orb thing once we engaged. We managed to break 1 of its legs before is disappeared. I figured it had warped somewhere else, but no, it was gone. As if the game registered that it wasn't suppose to be there. Just thought Id let DE know about it. 

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It was in a random matchmaking match

One of the members wanted condroc wings so i started baiting them like i wanted to capture them to kill them next

After 2 people left and 2 host migration and after we finished collecting wings we got across the eidolon

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