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Potential Crew Members?


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So, I'm excited for the star-ship update (most likely coming before the end of the year, as an update is planned for around then as well.)


One of the things I'm most excited for is the fact that you'll be able to staff your own crew on your star-ship.


The idea of hiring, firing, and employing specialized characters excites me, but I ponder what type of character you'll be able to recruit. Post your ideas below, I'm posting my potential list here.

Generic NPCs: A crew of Tenno-Friendly NPCs without much description or name. Used until you can hire someone of note, or until their untimely demise. 

Named NPCs: A few named NPCs will probably staff the ship some way or another. You'll probably have one or two who can't be fired regardless (similar to the new ai who will be directing you in missions) How hiring and firing them will work I'm not quite sure, and perhaps they'll need special incentives in order to stay. 

Syndicate NPCs: Hopefully, Syndicates who respect you will send skilled people your way. Different syndicates would probably have different abilities or specialties. 

Planet Specific NPCs: Fortuna workers have already been shown on the ship. You might see a few Cetus scouts as well?

Enemy Defectors: you rescue a good number of defectors throughout the game. I'd like to see a few grineer or corpus on your ship. Especially if they're strange or unusual variants of grineer or corpus, such as Scrambus or Kuva Jesters.

Himelith: Yes, the infected room from your ship. I hope to see them get a more USEFUL role. They might even allow you to


Hopefully, you'll get a brief rundown of each character who joins your ship. Even a small description like the Debts on Fortuna would work. I would also love the potential for small side quests/events that could happen on your ship. A shipman dies, so your crew has a small funeral. or a crewman is in reality a spy for an enemy organization. Or your crewman gets captured by an enemy organization.

I also wonder what type of attributes they might have, or if they just have hidden attributes with the skilled workers having a shown "Specialty" similar to shadow of mordor/war.


I'm definitely excited to get my hands on this new system. Especially with the Kuva Liches along side them. 

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There is no crew, there is Engineer Clem, there is Chief of Operations Clem, there is Chief Tactical Officer Clem, there is Chef Clem (Former Navy Seal), there is Navigator Clem, there is Weapons Officer Clem to maintain the grakatas... there is only Clem.

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This could be an interesting venture if done right.

It will finally let me have the white garbed Fortuna guy in the relays do some work besides standing around on the relay.

I would like it if the ships took some of the powers of the active Sentinels docked in to give added powers to the ships. Turning invisible while not shooting from Shade. Faster shooting with a Dethcube docked. Disruptive pulse with Wyrm. More Sentinels, stronger powers.

Probably not gonna happen but it's a good dream to see one day mayhaps become done.

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9 hours ago, MisterCheshire said:

Planet Specific NPCs: Fortuna workers have already been shown on the ship. You might see a few Cetus scouts as well?. 

Don't wanna sound racist but I am not sure i want to employ people that live in mud houses to work on my ship that uses quantum physics and advanced Tech to traverse the known and unknown universe. 


That was a joke, I am certain I can get some skilled demolition experts and quartermasters from cetus. 

The syndicate specialists I like, helminth crew would be cool but I am skeptical, unless I want all my crew to eventually grow cysts. 

The defectors would be perfect use of all the capture, rescue and defection missions. 

Lets not forget the underground rail that ticker runs from Fortuna. 

Or a few purpose built moas from legs. 

Maybe a few mercenaries that can be bought from the iron wake? About time that place had a use. 

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