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MFAA, on or off?


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First off, system specs:

CPU: i5 6400 (undervolt -.185V), may upgrade to r5 2600/2700 in the future cuz this is bottlenecking my gpu

GPU: GTX 1050 Ti (no overclocks, causes freezes in this game while still playing sounds, fine for other games)

RAM: 16 GB DDR4-1600

Monitor: LG 27Gk750F 1080p 240hz freesync/gsync compatible

240 GB SSD OS, WF installed on 1 TB 7200 HDD

I'm wondering if enabling MFAA is a good idea or not. According to this video, yes. But further research, I found that it disables DX 11 command lines, is that a big deal?


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