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The war within restart bug


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this happened to me too, i got to Sensei Outcropping and picked Control the Staff and it put me back in the orbiter and ordis was playing the music and saying how i lost my transference (already saw this cutscene and it was unskippable the second time) now i am walking up the mountain pass again where the bridge breaks away and the wind pushes you toward the edge and i can't play any normal missions and i already spent an hour on this godawful borefest of a quest so i am gonna quit too

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Blop, just had this happen too, as soon as I made my choice the game restarted the quest (I thought "whoa it was all a dream, inception²!" but nope, it had just restarted).

I immediately alt+f4, then logged back in, I was in the orbiter with the quest not counting as being done, so I logged out again, read up on this bug which has apparently been around for years and now when I logged back in I got the completion email, but the quest was still not marked complete on the codex; however, if I went into the codex entry, it would show me a list of all the parts of the quest with a checkmark (and they were all checked). I went back and forth between the codex and the orbiter and after a couple of minutes I got the completion cutscene thing and now it's marked done on the codex (and the checkmark list thing no longer appears, just the completion screen).

Feels like some weird problem with how the game tracks checkpoints within the quest itself.

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