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Horde shooter forever?


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7 hours ago, Loza03 said:

They are at Nullifier levels of complexity and difficulty, just for weapons instead of powers. 

Nullifiers are so frustrating for players for the same reason they use one-trick-pony setups. Most of these one-trick-ponies 'solve' gameplay. Saryn? Sure she has one trick, but that one trick kills everything. Limbo? Max Range Stasis is one trick, but it will lock down everything and render them helpless. Inaros? One trick, but it's one trick that ensures you are literally incapable of death and thus incapable of triggering the game's primary fail state.

Most one-tricks are basically playing the game by not playing it. If combat is a puzzle, they are the solution. Nullifiers hard-counter this usually, but they're not a long-term solution since... well, they only affect Corpus/Corrupted  and only when they're around. Spamming them to 'turn off' abilities is a band-aid.

Noxes also suffer from this 'solves combat' problem by virtue of them not being nullifiers. Targeting their head becomes pretty meaningless when they're standing perfectly still, for example.


The fix? More Wukong-like reworks. Either rework abilities in the vein of defy or new powers like Wisps' Wil-o-Wisp or if a frame relies on it for their theming or role (for example, Limbo and being the best defender at cost of his offense) offer other elements that still befit that role and make the ability more costly or complex to maintain. That way, using them becomes a fallback more than a one-size-fits-all approach to everything.

Personally, my only issue with the original Nullifiers is their drones that often don't even spawn or when they do, they glitch into textures making them impossible to hit, if these bugs would be fixed i would have zero reason to complain about them even as an off-meta player, i don't find them frustrating even though i normally use the literal worst gear against them.

I also don't find Saryn (regardless of how overtuned the frame is), or Limbo one trick frames as while they excel at one thing, they are really versatile, Inaros on the other hand...needs a rework at some point.

Taking a long break, i haven't played either Wisp or Wukong since the rework, but if you mean reworking frames to be more like f.ex. Harrow's kit, then i can agree on that one, i'd like to have such reworks.

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