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New Class Warframe/Ability Idea: Single Targets


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I was playing warframe and other games and looking at the character’s abilities and I was thinking… what if there were warframes or abilities that were specialized at dealing with single target enemies.


The ones highlighted is what the ability will do consistently in every time.

Traits of effectiveness:

·       It has the ability to work on capture targets mini bosses and main bosses.

·       It can deal allot of damage to these types of enemies.

·       Damage can scale based on enemy level.

·       If the ability is duration based, the effect duration will not decrease like other abilities do.

·       If it possesses cc attributes, it has the ability to disturbed enemy’s mobility while in motion e.g. stun ability.

·       It`s able to strip enemies defences making it easy for you and allies to kill.

·       It is able to effect enemies even if the enemy is in the invulnerable phase.

·       It also is able to break the invulnerability from enemies.

·       Critical chance is increased by 50%.

·       Critical & status damage is increased.

·       Status effects will last longer by an extra 5 seconds.


Obviously one ability not going to have all of these attributes neither it just works on bosses, the point of the ability is that it effective against dealing with difficult single target enemies wether it`s damage, cc or de-buffs.

Here is an example of a warframe that hugely benefits from this;



Passive is effective

1st ability:

·       Slash ticks lasts 5 seconds longer.

·       Is able to stun the enemy.

·       Does more damage and scaling damage.

·       Critical chance is added on to it.


2nd ability:

·       Is able to stun enemies.


3rd ability:

·       Preforming this will cause the enemy to stagger.


4th ability:

·       Stab and Slash proc damage will increase and slash tics will last 5 seconds longer.


These attributes makes sense for Ash since it fits his theme of being a ninja and he abilities mostly focuses on dealing with single target enemies. As we know Chroma`s 3rd ability is the closest thing in being effective against single target enemies like the eidolon.


Here are some examples of other warframes that can benefit from this;

Nyx – 2nd ability

Chroma – 1st ability

Equinox – 2nd ability (day and night)

Harrow – 1st and 4th ability

Nekros – 1st ability

Vauban – 1st and 2nd abilities (if it still there after rework)

Elemental warframe`s 1st abilities


I am not including augments that adds to the single target abilities since it`s a choice to add them onto warframes and I believe that abilities should be good without augments.

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