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Login failed. Check your info bug!!!


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So I decided to come back to the game and I downloaded the game through steam as I usually do - once I start typing in my account I receive this error: Login Failed. Check your info.
Now I thought that I've forgotten my PW so I changed it. Did not matter one bit I still get the same issue. I tried the following things:  I optimised cache. I deleted steam and downloaded the game from the warframe website, switched PW again, resetted IP address and used a random VPN - a free version that has daily mbs on it so once they finish up I can no longer play warframe...
I also checked the firewall - there is an exception there for Warframe but I even tried disabling firewall at all and it still did not work..

Please give me a way to fix this issue as I've already wasted more than 6 hours trying to fix this and it's extremely annoying!!!!
I've also tried disabling IPV6 - also nothing
restarting router also does not work


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