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Archwing Bug


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This has been occurring for quite a bit. I thought it would've been fixed since the last hot fix but it remains. I tried to search for the issue, to see if anyone else was having but I couldn't find anything. The bu I have found and keeps happening is whenever I get on my archwing and I can't move forwards. I'm just in the air, gliding away. I can't speed up or move side to side. I can't complete my rank up test with this. Keeps interfering.  

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not sure i get you clear on this, but if this happens when switching to the AW-mode in the valis or the plains, it's due to soing so while in crouched position. and yes, this is a bug and not intended (at least it never was before). to "fix" this, exit the AW-mode, make sure you are standing and then enter the AW mode again.

this is a annoying bug since getting into AW-mode from the ground often fails to work via hotkey or the gear wheel, so it's better to bulletjump in the air and then activate the AW via a hotkey... to bad though, it can be easily happen that, if you're too fast with this, the game considers you to be still 'crouched' and then you get this problem.

another 'common' bug that fits your description is (also only in the valis or on the plains) if you timed the switch from or to the AW badly and get knocked down just in the inbetween... this can lead to being stucked in either mode, sometimes even become undamagable or the camera being stucked only while you can move around otherwise... what helps to this freak occurances, is: switching back and forth from/to the AW running/flying into deep water to trigger the replacement mechanism, switching into the operator mode or dying (not just entering bleedout - for this would often not trigger the necessary 'respawn'.

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