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Unable to exit water at start of Grineer Sealab


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 Bug: Unable to exit water area at start of Grineer Sealab on Uranus.

Warframe seemed to hit invisible ceiling, even at the ramp that normally allows transition between submersible archwing section and normal ground section.

Warframe had Archwing equipped, but was carrying and using standard melee weapon, rather than archmelee. As primary and secondary weapons were unequipped in the arsenal, I do not know if the Warframe would have been able to use those weapons while in the archwing mode.


Possible contributing factors:

Unequipped primary and secondary weapons for the purposes of fulfilling conditions of Neptune junction.

Joined session of other player early in the level (did not start mission alongside other player, but entered the mission within the first tile or two.)


Possible cause: Because the mission was joined slightly after the usual starting sequence, I suspect that the normal archwing functionality was improperly loaded somehow. Therefore, although underwater movement was possible, my Warframe was not considered by the game to be in "archwing mode", and so the transition between the underwater and ground areas failed to trigger. Maybe I somehow loaded into the mission as the host was transitioning from underwater to ground, and so there was a mistake in designating what state to enter the mission in?

Was ultimately forced to abort the mission.

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