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I was on a quest to get to MR22 the past few days.  There were a ton of melee weapons I got off marketplace.  Some stuff I had to rebuy cuz it gets used to make other things I didnt know of.  So I discover some cool weapons doing stuff like this once in awhile.  For example the Halikar is a really cool weapon... its suppose to be a throwing hammer but its really a glaive and its grineer so it has flames coming out of it which is cool.  Dont know what its like compared to other glaives weapons but it is just fun and cool looking.  I love all glaives cuz of the movie Krull.  

Another weapon I had to master was the kamas and dual kamas.  I hate dual sword resting pose with the crossed blades in front of your face.  But the attack animations are pretty ok.   My Nekros is a focus school farm for Madurai.  He already has a melee I have put a lens on for him.  The gundao.  But I thought the Dual kamas Prime would look super sick on him.  

I dont even know when Dual Kamas Prime last dropped or what other primes it dropped with..  someone thought maybe trinity and kubrow collars??  I usually farm my own stuff and get extra sets to sell to others every relic release... but I never went after Dual Kamas.   So im thinking that whenever they got released it was to the void lol.  I hate grinding for relics in the void.  I hate the defense map and the excessive amount of other relics you have to wade through to get the ones you want.  20 minutes for a shot at 1 relic which its mixed in with like 50 other relics is bullcrap.  

So I decided I would treat myself and use my obscene amount of platinum to just buy the parts.  

Now Dual Kamas Primes have been gone for a very long time,  nobody I bought parts from could even rememeber lol.  And before I started looking I would NEVER see other people looking for it in trade chat either....  

But as soon as I started posting in trade chat asking for sets or parts a bunch of other people started asking for them to =/ .  Didnt stop me though.  I used bags of platinum to beat the parts out of people even if they didnt want to let go lol.  They should be done when I jump on =).  Im really looking forward to this..   its not gonna change the way I melee or anything but im excited to use my Nekros again lol.  He felt kinda stale.  He is my most used frame.  Even though I havent used him in awhile.  

I dont know if people are just dumb and think Dual Kamas Prime suddenly became available because they saw one person asking for them or what lol.  I know some of them had maybe probably never seen it and wanted it after I posted the links.   And im sure an even smaller amount already knew about it and seeing me post about them re-ignited their desire to own it.  But that was frustrating.  

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